Valuable Garage Door Safety Tips

October 22, 2015

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To celebrate National Garage Safety Month, we’ve pulled together some valuable garage door safety tips to help keep your garage door in top performance and your family safe from unexpected accidents. Adding a few simple garage door safety tips to your routine will allow you to safely use the biggest machine in your home and keep your garage door in great shape.

Avoid unforeseen mishaps by adhering to the following garage door safety tips:

  • When opening or closing the garage door, listen for strange noises. A peculiar sound may be an indication of worn and loose components or a misalignment that will require immediate inspection.

  • When operating your garage door, make sure pets and children stay clear of the area. Garage doors are extremely heavy and dangerous— you don’t want your pets or your child to get caught in any of the moving parts!

  • To avoid injury, keep hands, feet, and fingers away from all moving parts.

  • If your door gets bumped by the car, even with no obvious signs of damage, error on the side of caution and call a professional. Even a minor bump could cause a major misalignment and either the springs or the door will break down much faster.

  • Store your wall-mounted remotes and openers in a place that won’t be accessible to children. This will safeguard against unexpected injury from closing or opening the doors with others around.

  • Keep your garage door closed when you leave. If the garage door is left open, you may inadvertently expose your home to unwanted visitors.

  • If you store your garage door opener in the car, do your best to keep it hidden. If your car is stolen, a thief may have access to your home through the garage.

  • While you’re away on vacation, take the extra precaution of bolting the garage door. This will keep thieves from gaining easy access to your home.

  • A broken or unbalanced door is extremely hazardous to operate. Keep your doors in optimal condition and avoid accidents by scheduling routine maintenance inspections.

  • Once you have pressed the control switch on your opener, don’t walk away. Take a few extra seconds to make sure the garage door has completely closed.

  • If you haven’t already, install an ‘electric eye’. The ‘electric eye’ is a motion sensor mounted a few inches above the ground. If the sensor picks up any movement, the door will immediately stop closing.

We hope these garage door safety tips will help you maintain the health and performance of your garage door, as well as keep you and your family safe from harm.

Happy National Garage Door Safety Month from all of us at Precision Garage Door of Spokane!

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