Get Repairs with the Best Garage Door Parts

You Need Commercial-Grade Parts for Your Garage Door

Precision Garage Door of Spokane is your source for commercial-grade door parts. This caliber of parts cannot be found at home improvement stores or online. Our garage door parts in Spokane are top of the line and the highest quality available. We guarantee that when you choose one of our parts for your door, it will last longer than run-of-the-mill options.

Torsion Springs

Precision Powder Coated Torsion Spring

This type of spring provides 90% of the lift needed to move your garage door. Our springs have a life expectancy of 33,000 open-and-close cycles, which is very long compared to the industry standard of 10,000 cycles. They are very heavy duty and are powder-coated varieties. They resist rust naturally and do not need any extra lubrication.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Drums

Precision of Spokane Heavy Duty Aluminum Drum

Our drums are 12’ and have a lift capacity of 375 pounds. They work with most garage doors and make the opening process easy. Other companies use 8’ drums.

Aircraft Quality Heavy Duty Cables

Precision Door Spokane Aircraft Quality Garage Door Cables

Cables are an important part of the garage door operation. They are attached to the drums and the bottom bracket. These cables are held under a high tension and can be dangerous if they are extremely worn or accidentally snap. Our cables are designed to withstand stress, tension, and extreme temperatures. Call us if you need a cable replacement.

Nylon Rollers

Nylon Ball-bearing Garage Door Rollers- Precision Door

Our nylon rollers are designed for 13 ball bearings and are perfect for making any garage door the quietest in the neighborhood. Our nylon tire rollers are the best available and are manufactured specifically for our company. They will last 80,000 cycles without failure.

Bearing Plates

Heavy Duty End Bearing Plate - Precision Door

Bearing plates hold the tension for the torsion system. When we replace these, we use our heavy duty 12-gauge zinc-plated brackets. These plates ensure your system rotates smoothly and quietly. They work to minimize stress on the garage door system.

Center Bracket

Spokane Center Bearing Plate

The center bracket provides additional support for the torsion system. Our bracket is designed to withstand extreme weather and carries a large load capacity.


Call today if you need any garage door parts in Spokane. We are your one and only source for the highest quality commercial-grade parts. We will determine what parts you need and work to fix the problem quickly, and we might be able to fix it the same day we visit you!

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