How to Prevent Garage Door Problems

Taking a minute out of your week to check your Garage Door could save you big bucks! Here are some fast routine checkups from Precision Garage Door Spokane

As summer is upon us and outdoor activities increase, many of us will be in and out of our garage with various items and sometimes in a hurry. We want to do everything we can to make your garage door safe. It's what we do.

Eyes and ears

The best way to avoid hassle of a broken garage door is to take the time to look it over and just listen. One easy way to do this is to simply stay in the garage while the door is closing after you park. We all like to rush in and get on with their lives, but once in awhile take a listen. It will only take a second and might head off hassle one day should something need maintenance or repair.

First things first

The simplest problem to look for is a physical obstruction in the tracks. It happens. We've seen pogo sticks, rake handles and all kinds of things interfere with the track, as well as simple bits of dirt and sawdust from home repair projects.

The rest

Take a quick look at the wheels and tracks. Is there a thin coating of grease present? Do the wheels look like they are spinning freely (the film of Grease should be even all around and have no dry/rusty/dusty spots). Do the springs look unbroken and – for lack of a more technical explanation – the way they normally look?

Smooth operation

Nothing keeps machines running smooth and lasting a long time like simple lubrication. Set a calendar reminder once a year and you'll be all set. It's not the most exciting thing to put on your calendar but it will help save money for the things that are! For some practical tips on how to do it right, check out our video.

[Precision Door Video: How to Lubricate Your Garage Door]

Checking the spring tension

Garage doors are heavy. Springs work against gravity to lighten the load on the motor. If the power is out, the only way to open your garage door is to disengage the mechanism and lifted by hand. This can only be done if it's tuned correctly, and opening it manually is also a great way to check this.

How to check spring tension

Garage Door Checklist1. Start with door closed

2. Pull red release handle, noting the motion of the small lever the rope is attached to

3. Lift the door manually

4. See if the door will hold itself in place, both halfway open and fully open (note: keep your hands nearby and do this check only for a few seconds. If the springs are not adjusted properly, you do not want to let the door fall nor do you want to try to catch a falling door!)

5. Close the door fully, holding it all the way down to the ground

6. Reengage the lifting mechanism by returning the small lever to its original location


Unless you are very tall, you'll probably want to get a step ladder before you release the rope. It can be released from ground level but requires some height to re-engage.

If you are not confident that the springs are balanced properly (the doors easy to lift and stays in place when you let go for a few seconds), call us. Our trained technicians can check out the springs safely. Please note – springs can store a great deal of energy and can be dangerous – do not do maintenance yourself.


Winter conditions in Spokane can end up as power outages once in awhile – doing this will give you the know-how and confidence to open your door quickly and easily without electricity. Have all drivers in the household participate if possible.

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