Paint Matching Your Garage Door

April 13, 2016

Garage Door

Most garage door manufacturers offer dozens of color options for your new garage door, but when you've decided to repaint your home or if you are just tired of the color on your door, getting the exact right color can be a bit nerve wracking. If you're trying to explicitly match another color on your home without a sample of the previous color, things can get a bit tricky, but it's still doable. There are a lot of new technologies out there that will at least get you real close. With a bit of patience and a little good luck, your garage door will be looking good as new in no time!

Paint Matching at the CounterMost home improvement stores offer a paint matching service these days. If you're lucky enough to have a sample of the paint you're looking to match, this process can be fairly simple. Without a sample, it is possible to bring in a small chip of the dried paint you are trying to match. Simply use a razor knife to cut a 1-2 inch square from the cleanest part of the area, seal it in a baggy and bring it on down. Make sure to ask the clerk at the counter to dry a bit of the new paint on your sample to ensure a good match. A quick word to the wise - even if the color looks perfect, only buy the smallest amount possible at first. Bring it home and quality check a small area, let it dry and look at it under your lighting. That way you don't buy a bunch of paint that's slightly off. This is especially important if your are only touching up your door, as even a small difference can be very noticeable.

Phone Apps

When you just can't get a sample of the color you need, or if an exact match isn't super important, there are great new apps on the market that are really fun and do a pretty good job at finding a specific color. Most major paint brands have some sort of color program either for your cell phone or home computer that allow you to snap a quick photo and then pull colors from it. Shadows and highlights will cause some variations, but you will stay in the right shade at least.

However you end up finding your perfect color, be sure to save not only a sample of the color but also be sure to note the formula numbers and brand to save you the time and hassle in the future. And, for help with this or any garage door related questions, please feel free to give us at Precision Door Spokane a call any time!

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