Opener Issues

September 14, 2016

While garage door openers have evolved into extremely convenient and easy to use pieces of equipment, they do occasionally run into issues. For the most part they are very easily handled and fixed without the need of professional assistance. Here is a quick rundown on a couple of the most common problems and how you can get things back up and running.

Outdated Doors and Openers

Garage door openers manufactured before 1993 aren't subject to the current safety standards making them unsuitable for households with small children or pets. For your own peace of mind, these doors should be updated to avoid injury or worse.

Misaligned Photo Eyes

If you are having trouble getting the your door to close using your remotes, the problem very often stems from the photo eyes. As the major component to the safety of your garage door, they tend to be very sensitive and can easily become misaligned. When not aligned properly the door will not open normally. The telltale sign of misaligned eyes is a blinking or unlit LED light on the eyes. Located at the base of the door on either side, they can easily be realigned by adjusting either part until the LED light goes solid.

Remotes Not Working

Most cases this can simply be remedied with a quick battery change. If this still doesn't work, your remotes may need to be reprogrammed. Refer to your owner's manual or give your local Precision Door Service a call.

CFL and LED Interference

A fairly uncommon, yet easily remedied issue. If you are having opener problems and feel like you have tried every possible fix to no avail, it may be your lights. Certain CFL and LED bulbs have been known to interfere with garage door opener remotes, causing intermittent problems with garage door openers. You can fix this by either trying a different brand of bulb, (generally name brand lights have less problems), or just go back to the old fashioned incandescent for your garage.

Power Outage

When you're accustomed to using your automatic opener, a power outage can be an anxiety inducing event. For this reason, it is wise to get familiar with the emergency release cord and using your door in manual mode. For most basic openers, there is one of two types of pull cords-- the straight cord or the Y cord. The straight cord will release your door with a simple pull down on the cord, while the Y style requires that you pull the cord away from the door to release.

If you are still having issues after trying these quick fixes, please don't hesitate to give the pros at your local Precision Garage Door Service a call anytime. We have expertly trained and experienced technicians here to help 24/7!

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