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Security Gates, Grilles & Parking

Keeping Your Business Save & Secure

Store front security can be critically important in protecting your business and investment. Precision professionals can diagnose, repair and suggest options for your business.

Roll-up Grilles

Security gates and grilles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, strengths and colors.  Typically used for a secondary level of security within a building, mall, school or business.  When open there is typically no floor track to obstruct traffic or get in the way in counter applications.  

Parking Garage Grilles

Heavy duty Grilles are great for Parking Structure security. They're heavy use also means they require regular maintenance.

Counter Roll-up Doors

Counter roll-up doors are a small version of a standard roll-up door and incorporate the same rugged construction for durability and security. They are easy to operate and come in variety of configurations and styles to serve almost any commercial countertop application.

Rely on Precisions' Commercial Division can repair or maintain your Businesses Security Gates and Grilles.

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