Safety Articles

September 30, 2016
Your garage door is the largest piece of machinery in your home, so it's inconvenient if it stops working. From Precision Door, here are some common cases.
September 14, 2016
Garage doors typically run smoothly without complications, but occasionally they do run into problems. From Precision Door, here are some of the most common
July 9, 2016
In the past, garage doors have had the potential to be the least secure part of your home, but not anymore, with these security features. Learn more here!
June 13, 2016
If you are having trouble with your PDS operator, here are a few things you can try before you call Precision Door of Spokane. Read more here!
January 20, 2016
Here are instructions on the Emergency Release & Reset process on a garage door. Contact Precision Door Services of Spokane for garage repair needs!
October 22, 2015
Keep your garage door in great shape and your family safe with these Garage Door Safety Tips from Precision Garage Door of Spokane!
September 25, 2015
Taking a minute out of your week to check your Garage Door could save you big bucks! Here are some fast routine checkups from Precision Garage Door Spokane
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